Teaching Methods and Philosophy

Music is a language that children can learn naturally in the same way that they learn spoken and written language. By placing emphasis on the quality of listening and playing music, we ensure that our students learn to love music as part of their everyday life. By using our unique methods of teaching, we also encourage our students’ physical, artistic and intellectual development and enhance their self-confidence and self-esteem. We develop a special program for each child based on their individual needs, making sure that learning is always fun and interactive.

All students are encouraged to participate in recitals twice a year. Some students may also participate in competitions, MCMTA events, the MSMTA Festival, and/or the MSMTA High School Piano Examination.

About the Teacher, Irina Gurevich

Irina Gurevich grew up in Kiev, Ukraine over 30 years ago, where she started teaching piano. In 1991, when she moved to Montgomery County, Maryland, she continued her career in musical instruction. She established a successful business providing private piano lessons to students of all ages.

Irina has been playing classical piano since she was five years old. She holds a Bachelor’s degree in Music Performance and Pedagogy. Irina Gurevich is an active member of the Montgomery County Music Teacher Association, the Maryland State Music Teacher Association, and the National Music Teacher Association.


I cannot remember a time when piano wasn’t an important part of my life. For me, it’s an escape, while at the same time an amazing way to be present, in the moment. Every piece is a new world, and every lesson teaches me so much about music and about myself. I love it, and I’m so glad I had the opportunity to study with Irina.

– Harper Dine

I like to play piano because it is fun. I have learned some words in Italian because the piano was invented in Italy. Sometimes I have been able to compose my own music and express my feelings from major chords that sound happy or minor chords that sound sad. I have also learned many hand techniques (hand movements).

– Lucy Hurlbut

I like piano because I can control it when I play. I can play anything I want. I also like it because to me it sounds good and I have gone so far and people really like when I play it.

– Matthew Wilson

I have been a student of Irina’s for sixteen years since I was nine years old. She is an extremely dedicated and caring teacher, and her exceptional talents as an instructor are applicable to a wide breadth of students ranging from beginner to advanced. Her approach facilitates new students’ entries into the world of the piano while her expertise imparts proper interpretation of music and technical skills required for difficult pieces. I wholeheartedly recommend her to anyone seeking to increase their piano abilities and appreciation for music.

– Michael McWilliams

My son has studied with this teacher for over ten years – he has had the finest training in consummate musicianship and technique. As a piano teacher and performer myself, I had very high expectations; not only did the Studio exceed all my goals for my son, I felt I learned more myself about both teaching and performance.

– Kathleen McWilliams

My son has been a student of Irina’s for seven years, my daughter for two. Piano has really enhanced my son’s ability to listen to and appreciate music. He routinely finds melodies he likes in symphonic music scores, usually from movies, tv shows and recordings, and recreates them on the piano. He’s really developing a sophisticated musical taste, and he talks about music using the correct terminology, which he has learned by doing the work necessary to really learn his piano pieces. He has memorized pieces by Rachmaninoff, Mozart, Beethoven, Debussy, Bach, Chopin and others. He has reached the stage where he owns his playing, and he’ll have that for the rest of his life.

My daughter is learning in the same sequence my son did, so I can work with her the same way I did with him. When my son started, I didn’t know much about piano, but by listening and observing his lessons, and making my own notes, I could at least make sure he practiced the right things, which ensured steady progress. I used to sit with my son at the piano, but he’s outgrown that, so I sit with my daughter. They are kids after all, and you have to keep the joy in it. My daughter likes to learn a song, then walk up and play it wherever there’s a piano. She likes to show people what she knows how to play. She has also memorized some pretty involved songs, which is amazing to watch as an adult. Irina has a good ability to challenge students so they become aware of their own ability to challenge themselves.

– Scott Wilson