Welcome to Olney Piano Studio! We offer weekly private lessons to beginner, intermediate and advanced students from age 3 through high school and beyond. We value each student’s personality and try to provide lessons in the most fun and suitable way for all learning styles. The lesson plans include a balance of theory, ear training, sight-reading, and repertoire appropriate to the student’s level and musical ability. The goal of every lesson is to learn how to understand and enjoy music. We conduct lessons in a nice and friendly atmosphere that ensures that students develop close relationships with their teacher.

If you have any questions, or if you would like further information, please contact us, and we will be happy to help you.

Welcome to the new school year, 2021-2022!
It will be an amazing year full of creative work and a fun learning experience.
We will continue virtual piano lessons until it will be reasonable to reopen our studio and have in-person lessons.
It is something new to all of us and successful.
All students made a lot of progress and keep their interest in learning and understanding technique, musical expression, and dynamic range.
Students got more serious and valued their practicing better than before.
They are developing important skills like organization and independence.
All of them will impress our audience at the winter recital.
Good luck to everyone!
Let’s have the best school year ever!

Congratulations to Gianna Tiu Sonco for participating in the April 24th, 2022, Judged Recital and getting a High Honor Award.


Congratulations to all my students for a successful recital on Zoom!
It was very beautiful and fantastic!
We prepared for this recital online and every student showed dedication and love to music despite adjusting to different lessons that require more attention, focusing, and patience.
But everyone got more serious about their practice time and we enjoyed being together.
A special thank you to my students’ parents for their support.

Congratulations to my graduation student
Alexa Hopwood.

Thank you for performing very advanced pieces with such understanding and expressions
You achieved so much over many years of studying
I am very proud of you.
We loved every moment of
I wish you the best in your life!
I am sure that will happen!
Have a great summer!

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